Tips for Growing the African American Hair Faster


Most people have subjected their African American hair to either extreme heats or chemicals trying to make it look smoother or longer. This however only damages the hair through weakening it and only hinders a faster growth of the hair. With some African American Hairstyles tips and the right products, taking care of your hair and growing it faster should not be too hard. Here are some tips on how you can go about there.


Mostly, it is the simple things that you do every single day that makes a whole lot of difference when it comes to the length and the health of your hair. Using a pre-shampoo at is the first step. This is a conditioning treatment type that you apply to the hair before you apply the actual shampoo. The pre-shampoo ensures that the hair doesn’t get too dry and break by forming a protective layer that protects hair from the shampoo’s harsh ingredients. African American hair damages easily and is brittle. The shampoos in the market for this kind of hair have harsh ingredients and this is why choosing the right shampoo is key here. The sulfate-free ones, for instance, should be avoided and instead look for the ones with organic oils since your hair is already brittle as it is and you do not need more dryness. Jojoba oils and argan oils are the best ones to look for in a shampoo.


No matter how much you hate it or what you do, your hair will be stripped off natural oils when you wash it. You should therefore not wash your hair daily and instead, stick to the at most twice a week and if it is breaking stick to once in a fortnight to avoid stripping it all the natural oils. After the washes, you should also try the air drying it rubbing it gently using a towel because too much heat will only make the hair weak. The conditioner brings it back to shape and prevents the split ends and the risks of the breakage since it helps with the restoring of the moisture and the oils to the hair nourishing it. Using the conditioner will leave the hair feeling softer and while shopping for the same, you should buy the one that is specifically made for your hair. You should also not forget to do the deep conditioning weekly and not the same day you do the normal conditioning.


Moisturizing your hair does not only protect it from the split ends and the breakages but also encourage faster growth. Your hair will also be feeling soft and looking better all day with enough moisture. Here, you should start by drinking enough water before you can even buy the store ones. Moisturizing your hair from the outside and the inside is something that you should do daily to keep the hair dehydrates and among the best ingredients that you should look for in a hair moisturizer are olive oil, grape seeds oil, coconut oils, and pure Shea butter. There is then the hair oil that the hair will need alongside its natural ones and you should apply them well. You should also trim your hair after like three or four months, to get rid of the split ends and allow the hair top to continue with the growing. You should remember to use protective hairstyles and wrap it with a silk scarf, and use a satin pillow when sleeping. There are sites that have so much information that you can borrow for your African American hair, and especially on the best products which you should take advantage of. For more ideas about hair salon, go to

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